Go Beyond with the famed Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear! With this pane of 20 Forever® stamps, the legendary hero blasts beyond his familiar role as a toy.
Four different stamp designs celebrate the hero who inspired the over-confident action figure from the Toy Story films. Grouped in four rows of five, the stamps feature Buzz as depicted in Disney and Pixar’s 2022 film Lightyear.

Each row features the same designs in differing orders. On the first row, they are a right-facing, close-up profile of Buzz in his transparent bubble helmet; a full-body profile detailing his gleaming white and green spacesuit, with the bubble slightly extending beyond the frame’s top edge; Buzz sprinting with helmet retracted, in a three-quarter rightward view, the action accentuated by a foot and elbow breaking through the design border; and a head-and-torso image of the famed space hero resolutely facing adventures ahead. On each row, the first design repeats as the last stamp. All of the designs feature modern, angular, geometric backgrounds in various greens and grayish blue-greens, accentuating the familiar colors of Buzz’s spacesuit.

For a generation, Buzz Lightyear has been known as the coolest action figure in the toybox. The beloved original Toy Story movie (1995) was the first full-length, computer-animated feature film. The four-film Toy Story series offers storytelling that is groundbreaking and eye-dazzling, hilarious, and full of heart.

In Lightyear (2022), the legendary Space Ranger goes beyond—on an intergalactic adventure—revealing the story that inspired the toy. Audiences meet the hero himself, gaining a fresh appreciation for the classic character. These bold new stamps capture the excitement!

Art director Greg Breeding, working closely with Pixar Animation Studios, designed the stamps using artwork provided by the studio. The Go Beyond stamps are being issued as Forever® stamps. Forever stamps are always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail® one-ounce price.

Made in the USA.

Product Key Features

  • Denomination: Forever Stamp.
  • Quantity: 100Pcs/Pack.

Package Dimensions

  • Weight: 0.8 Ounces.
  • Height: 240 mm.
  • Width: 420 mm.
  • Length: 240 mm.

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